From the start of the 21st century, the church has suffered very mixed fortunes. Repairs were initially required to the South Side due to water ingress and fundraising began both for the repairs and to add a much needed kitchen and toilet facilities.


However, disaster struck as thieves stole the lead on the church roof, including guttering and downpipes, causing considerable damage and leaving lifted roof panels. Water starting to leak into the South Aisle and the Chancel and in July 2017 parts of the Chancel ceiling came crashing down.

After an intense period of fundraising and grant applications, the roof was repaired only for disaster to strike again. In August 2019, the lead roofing was stolen for a second time causing yet more damage. A complex planning application was submitted and granted to replace the roof with a stainless steel version as the church simply couldn't risk lead being stolen a third time.


The new roof came at a cost of £60,000 which has been raised by a concerted second round of grants and fundraising. The Chancel is now secure and leak proof, with the final repairs to the interior of the Chancel ceiling recently being completed. 

Now we are raising funds to complete the final repairs and install the toilet and kitchen facilities.

Considerable work has also been undertaken in the churchyard. The Woodland Trust has donated 120 hedging trees to lay a hedge down one boundary and wehave installed 3 bird boxes provided by the Diocese including a barn owl box. In an area of the churchyard unsuitable for burials, we are also creating a wildlife garden.

If you would like to make a donation or would like more information about the plans, please get in touch with the Churchwarden.