Many families want to see their baby or child baptised or christened into the church. The service gives your child their proper name and welcomes them into the family of God.

St Nicholas has performed this special ceremony for hundreds of years using the same font. The calm simplicity of the church is particularly suited to these wonderful occasions. You do not have to be christened yourself and you do not have to have been a regular churchgoer to have your child christened in the church. Please speak to the Vicar or the Churchwarden during a Family Service or other service or, if you prefer, contact the Churchwarden for more details.

If you are looking for further information or ideas about organising a christening, please have a look at the Church Of England's website.



For many people, a church is the 'right' place to get married, but a church is much more than just a pretty location for a wedding. Making your vows before God and all your friends and family adds a very special, spiritual dimension to your married life.

People often ask whether they can be married at St Nicholas and the answer is, usually, yes. If you have a connection to the parish or if you have attended services regularly for the six months prior to your wedding, you will be able to get married in St Nicholas and we would be delighted to play a part in your special day.

The first thing to do is call the Churchwarden, who will explain what is required, talk you through the paperwork and the legalities, and set a date and time. We will talk through everything without any obligation. We would also be delighted to help you choose readings and hymns or your favourite songs and can help with flowers and music. If you are looking for inspiration, there is lots of helpful information and ideas about organising a church wedding at the Church Of England's Your Church Wedding website.



Flowers Candles Funeral

If someone you know and love has died and you would like to hold their funeral at St Nicholas, we will support you every step of the way. We can help you and your family and friends give thanks for the person’s life and say your final goodbyes in a way that really helps.

Everyone is entitled to a funeral service in their local church regardless of whether they attended church or not. There is a great deal to organise and we understand how difficult this is but we can provide you with information and guidance all the way through.

Simply call the Churchwarden and she will be able to explain what is required and how we can help without any obligation. If you choose to have the funeral at St Nicholas, Reverend Barbara will visit you to listen to the story of the person you knew and will discuss all the details of the funeral service itself.

If you are looking for further guidance and support, there is lots of helpful information and ideas about organising a church funeral at the Church Of England's funerals website.